Where's the Roadmap?

A different approach to Crypto ICO's

Unlike most coins, we chose to avoid launching with nothing and have the betting functionality some distant feature on a roadmap. Too many projects have launched with nothing and set out their planned usecase 3 or 4 quarters into the future within a roadmap (and many, many projects disappeared because their team didn't have the development skills required to achieve what they set out to achieve).

With PWRB, we decided to use a different approach. An approach that is taken for granted in the world of traditional business, but rarely seen in crypto. We decided to work hard before launch and only launch when we had a working product rather than a dream. Using a trading demo account gives us a clear picture about how the trading bots finds signals and places the trade. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/trading-demokonto/ to know about the best demo accounts for trading stocks, NFTs, Bitcoin and CFs.

With that in mind, and given the severe potential offered by our usecase, our roadmap isn't set in stone in some document, it's fluid. Basically, we have our usecase in place, it offers signficant potential, and from here we just need to make continuous small improvements and carry out additional marketing, so that we can grow.

For example, one of the improvements that's top of our list from a technical perspective is to have our explorer give details of a users bet versus just telling users that a transaction is a 'PowerBall Bet'. This improvement is more difficult than some may expect due to the programming language used by the explorer versus the programming language used by the wallet. Nevertheless, it's top of our list because many betters like to be able to validate that the bet they placed within their wallet is the same as what's on the explorer. Likewise, many others like to validate that winning payouts are correct. A developer can do this by decoding the Op-Code in the explorer, but the general public cannot.

In short, continuous small tweaks and improvements, continuous growth of the community and a sound underlying usecase with huge potential.